@ EM-NANO 2017 on topic of gOrganic and Inorganic Electronic Materials and Related Nanotechnologiesh will be held in Fukui City, Japan, which is located in the north-central part on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Fukui City, the capital of Fukui Prefecture, is surrounded by the coast of varied scenery and verdant mountains. It is a city where the beauty of all four seasons and abundant food culture can be easily found. All of you are sincerely invited to join this exciting meeting of EM-NANO 2017 at the building gAOSSAh, named after the dialect in Fukui that means gLetfs meeth, in the center of Fukui City, Japan on June 18-21. We are looking forward to meeting you at the AOSSA in Fukui.

Conference Scope
  This conference is intended to have a strong strategy providing a forum for discussing all related subjects on organic and inorganic materials and nanotechnologies for electronics. To promote mutual understanding and synergistic interactions among people in different materials, devices and device integration fields, some of special sessions are organized in EM-NANO 2017. These special sessions are aimed not only to reflect the most recent advances but to strengthen specific technology or joint technologies in the field of organic and inorganic electronics. The scope of EM-NANO 2017 is listed below.

 A.  Organic Materials and Devices for Electronics
  Deposition of organic thin films, Electrical and optical properties of organic films, Conductive polymers, Organic devices, Organic-inorganic composites and hybrid systems, etc.
 B.  Inorganic Materials and Devices for Electronics
   Deposition of inorganic films, Electrical, optical and magnetic properties of inorganic films, Inorganic devices, etc
 C.  Silicon Materials and Devices for Electronics
  Growth and nano-processing of Si materials,  Characterization techniques, Si devices and circuits, etc
 D.  Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Electronics
   Growth and nano-processing of compound semiconductor materials, Characterization techniques, Compound semiconductor devices and circuits, etc.
 E.  Special Sessions for Electronics
   Bioelectronics, Solar cells, TFTs, Terahertz engineering, Plasmonics, etc.)